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Medical Tourism has become a passion for our founder. Profit is not his goal, but rather to introduce many people needing medical or dental help to some fine doctors and dentists practicing in modern clinics throughout the world - at a very affordable cost.

Our founder lived for many years in Canada and had the benefit of excellent nationalized healthcare - at virtually no cost. Having lived in the United States for the last ten years he has had the personal experience of knowing many people who have no healthcare, or inadequate healthcare. Even those with healthcare often have huge deductibles and co-pays.

John, our founder, has traveled to many countries and discovered the high quality of healthcare in countries and been amazed at the low cost. A broken tooth led him through some unfamiliar roads into a dentist's office in Guadeloupe. He was amazed at how clean the office was and the technology was superior to that found in his regular dentist's office in California. The cost - only $25 US.

Suffering a bad fall in Prague, Czech Republic, John went to a clinic and had superior medical care. The clinic was clean, bright and modern in every respect. The cost - $20 US.

Another dental problem in Budapest, Hungary introduced him to an English-speaking dentist practicing from an incredibly modern office. The area was run-down and the entrance to the building was not what he would find in America, but once inside he was very impressed with the staff, the technology and cleanliness. Out of curiosity he asked the dentist the cost of a root canal with crown. It would be $125 US. Anyone living in the US knows the cost could easily be $2,000.

There is a woman our founder knows and she recently traveled from Sweden to Thailand for breast implants. She is thrilled with the experience and the cost, including airfare was less than $3,000.

Another person became ill in Brazil. When he returned to America, doctors couldn’t cure him in spite of weeks of trying. Seeking a solution, he traveled to Thailand and was better in 48 hours.

Traveling to India was lifesaving for another person. Diagnosed with serious heart problems, a father of four simply could not pay the $200,000 being asked by an American hospital and was facing almost certain death in a short time. A hospital in India, with outstanding English-speaking doctors performed the surgery for less than $18,000. This father is back to work and supporting his family.

Many other Americans have traveled the world saving their health at a price they could afford. Often, international hospitals will have a concierge that will arrange your travel arrangements; accommodation for you and your family; and transportation to and from the airport. Depending on your procedure, some time to be a tourist might be possible as well.

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