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What is the purpose of is a website that serves as a directory of international hospitals, clinics and dental offices enabling patients to locate affordable health and dental care. The advertisers on believe they can offer prospective patients a solution.

Why should I consider becoming a medical tourist?

If you are visiting this site it is probably because the cost or quality of care available to you is not satisfactory. There are many testimonials and stories on the Internet that you will read about people being quoted large amounts of money for lifesaving medical procedures at home and having the same procedures done in another country for a fraction of the cost. It is not uncommon to be quoted more than $200,000 for a heart operation in the US and then have it done for $20,000 or less in India.

Patients requiring dental care or cosmetic procedures usually report excellent medical and dental care and a great vacation for less than the care alone would cost at home.

Possibly money is not an issue, but the care in your home country is considered of low quality or "the wait" is too long. Care in America may be a preferred option.

What can I expect if I contact a healthcare provider through

Hospitals and clinics on are seeking new patients and have usually established an English-speaking team of people dedicated to meeting your needs. Often a concierge or medical coordinator represents this team to meet all of your needs. This person can arrange transportation from the airport to the hospital or clinic, your hotel accommodation near their facility and if you feel like it, tours of their city.

Most important, they will put you in touch with their medical team and often have their doctor communicate with your doctor at home. They will coordinate receiving files, test results, reports, xrays, MRI reports, etc.

You will probably find that you can determine the best airfare on your own through major websites such as Travelocity, Orbitz, and others.

What will it cost me to use

There is no charge at all for patients to use this site. You will make payment arrangements for your care directly with the healthcare provider.Is Medical Tourism safe for me?

Most medical tourists report that they felt very safe. The healthcare providers want you to have an excellent experience so that you will be comfortable referring others. It can seem overwhelming to visit a foreign country for medical and dental care but the advantages outweigh any disadvantages. Just think, your health can be improved within a short time for a fraction of the cost!

You should have your own doctor talk with the foreign doctors to ensure your medical problems are completely understood. You will probably find your doctor willing to treat you in your post-operative period if you have surgery requiring this type of care.Check with the healthcare facility you are considering using to ascertain their accreditation. Are they accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) – the international arm of JCAHO, International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQUA) or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)? For example, a JCI accredited facility meets US practice, cleanliness and other standards.

What are the steps I take, on, to utilize an international healthcare provider serving medical tourists?

Step One: Complete your free registration. You can create only a username and password if you wish to assure yourself of complete privacy at this time.

Step Two: Select the type of procedure you would like to have done and give a brief description of your medical problem. Click the submit button! Instantly healthcare providers from around the world will be given a brief summary of your medical condition along with your username.

Step Three: Within 2-3 days, healthcare facilities from around the world with the qualifications to assist you will reply offering prices and other helpful general information. You will be able to see their Profile, web site and other facts about their facility.

Step Four: Begin communication with the healthcare providers that seem to meet your needs. This communication is done through a Private Message Board (PMB) that allows you to communicate directly with the healthcare provider with much more specific information.

At any time you feel comfortable you may provide your medical and full personal contact information to the healthcare provider.

Through the PMB you can also choose to send any reports, test results or other information that will be helpful to the healthcare provider.

Step Five: Make a decision on a healthcare provider, confirm your course of action and possibly you will be asked for a deposit to begin the process.

Step Six: Start making your travel plans. Make sure you have a valid passport (many countries expect an expiration date six months from the date of your arrival). Ask the healthcare provider if you need a visa to visit their country. They will be able to assist you with this. Make your airline reservation after you have a passport and visa.

Step Seven: Travel to your destination and begin what should be a wonderful experience in regaining your health.

Step Eight: When you return, please let us know how you enjoyed the experience.
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