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What is your website all about?

We are about matching patients needing medical care with healthcare providers. Our founder has had excellent personal medical and dental experiences in several countries. Through friends, family and business associates he became aware that medical tourists travel from all over the world for medical care in the United States AND that Americans travel for international medical care to other countries where affordable medical care can be obtained.

We offer healthcare providers, both medical and dental, an opportunity to offer their services directly to prospective patients. Our site advertises heavily on the Internet attracting patients from all over the world.

Does your site make arrangements for travel and accommodations for patients?

No. We provide an opportunity for patients to contact and make arrangements directly with healthcare providers. We believe it is more cost-effective for patients to do so.

It also allows patients a greater choice of healthcare providers.

How does a prospective patient contact us?

When a patient registers on our site they select a brief description of their medical or dental problem and submit their inquiry for a response. Those healthcare providers who have indicated areas of specialty that match the patient's problem will all be notified that there is a new patient.

You, as a healthcare provider will respond directly to the patient through a private message board. The communication will then be between you and the patient.

Does the patient have an opportunity to learn about our healthcare facility and staff?

Yes, when you respond to the patient they will see your Profile including photos of your buildings, any doctors you wish to feature, accreditation and awards, as well as any promotional videos, testimonials and a link to your existing web site.

When do we create our Profile as a healthcare provider?

Once your healthcare facility completes your registration listing you will be taken to a Profile Details page and it is a simple process of uploading a logo, photos, promotional brochures and so on. If you need assistance at any time simply contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

What is the cost to be listed on

There is an annual fee of $250 US (approximately $20 per month). During registration you will be taken to Paypal, a secure site to process your payment. We are confident that you will find this a very small fee considering the possibility of thousands of new medical tourists that will learn about your healthcare facility.

At we are dedicated to bringing affordable, superior healthcare to those in need. We invite you to join us in this mission by registering now. Thank you.

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